Raats Marketing Agencies’ founding, dates from back the day in 1987 when Raats Cy became fact. A small agency, initially answering privately owned furniture and bedding retailers’ advertising needs. Later on, the brands they carried became clients too. In 1998, the first international recognition became fact with an int'l award in Chicago IL, won for a campaign that ran in parts of Europe.

After growth in various industries, including airlines (after 9/11),  medical and animal nutrition, amidst the market-crushing recession of 2008-2010, a keen basis got created for marketing & communications in vulnerable industries like ag industry, equine markets and American western heritage.

Today, Raats offers high-end versatility combined with long term experience and expertise. We serve (sm)all business, because there’s no such thing as a great idea, that’s not present in the tiniest aspect of a multinational corp or not applicable to the smallest business size. No matter how fast or big… businesses grow transaction per transaction, bottle by bottle, crop by crop, deal by deal. Ideal marketing is the art of a successful continuum, combined with the ability to adapt to change. 

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The world's biggest companies are small businesses that kept on growing,