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For Captains of Industry up to Starters, People with an Idea and All Other Entrepreneurial Souls.

I served CEO's, Captains of Industry, Chairmen, Owners, Founders, Public Figures and Starters, Young People with a Dream since 1987, and I still do.

I've seen, experienced an dealt with 'heaven and hell', and -without any preference for whatever context- always felt most fruitful in challenging circumstances, from overnight product launches to overwhelming crisis situations, because I always believed, and I probably always will, that people -if they want to and find willingness- can turn every mess into a success.

The way I coach is both conversational as in written, you can choose. Coaching entrepreneurial people is completely different from what counselors do. For some I'm a  resource to exchange ideas and thoughts, for others I formulate answers to challenges, problems that are related to new ideas, transitions, marketing under crisis circumstances, and for others I'm just a second opinion.

Whatever you share with me, written or orally is strictly confidential.  In answer to your request you will first receive a formal confirm that your message will be answered, including an estimate and timing and/or appointment proposal. 

Henry Rik Raats

+1 559 280 1448


Henry Rik Raats is a resource of advice, strategies and ideas in many industries since 1987. 

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